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The idea is simple: we post a theme every week, and members respond with a photo or two that they feel captures that theme. We hope it will be a great way to share great photos and unique views.

The weekly challenges are now tagged by 'year and prompt' so all the prompts for this year, 2017, can be found by clicking on '2017prompt' in the tags list, so it should be fairly easy to find them and catch up at any time.
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    2019 Challenge, Week 49

    So it's my turn again and my pleasure to find us prompts for the last month of the year. I'd like to try to find some holiday-themed prompts, so let's start right away with holiday + dark green. We already did holiday in 2012, so although it's been long enough to not be too repetitive, why not make things a bit more interesting? The tag for the prompt is holiday (dark green), it's already in the list for you to choose.
    Have fun, and hopefully a peaceful and not too hectic preparation time for whatever holiday you're celebrating or not!
    Adventure before dementia

    Bear & Geometrical

    Yes, I know, I haven't replied to people's comments ... I will do at some point (promise)

    Anyway - here are a couple of catch-ups ...

    I spotted this fine fellow when I was at Muir Woods, near San Fransisco a couple of years ago -
     photo DSC_0125_zpsuslbvteb.jpg

    I took this last year in Prague ... apparetly it is a very traditional plaster style
     photo DSC_0028_zpszkvhuryw.jpg

    Catching up: sigth, sound, smell, taste


    Fog at the North Cape... at the right there was a hut less then a car length away, and we're standing on a crammed car park full of buses and motorhomes and whatnot, but you couldn't really see much of it. We'd been driven up in even worse fog, but as we couldn't stay any longer and the fog wasn't about to lift, we decided to go after all - or travelling there would have been somewhat pointless. And being there counts, doesn't it, even if you can't see the actual thing? LOL
    The fog was so bad that we weren't able to find our way to the entrance to Nordkapphallen, the building you need to pass trough, as we'd lost orientation due to having to take several turns ont the parking lot. Thankfully we managed to find our way with the help of google maps and the navigation on my phone... XD

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