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March 2018




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Sep. 17th, 2017



[sticky post] What is Photo-Scavenger All About?

Everyone is welcome.

The idea is simple: we post a theme every week, and members respond with a photo or two that they feel captures that theme. We hope it will be a great way to share great photos and unique views.

The weekly challenges are now tagged by 'year and prompt' so all the prompts for this year, 2017, can be found by clicking on '2017prompt' in the tags list, so it should be fairly easy to find them and catch up at any time.
The Rules:

  • Our goal is one or two photos per post; but if you do post more than one or two, please be kind and cut. Photo size should not overflow the page :)

  • Posts should be tagged with that week's theme/prompt and with photographer's username. The tag for the prompt will already be in the tags list - it is added when the prompt is posted.

  • Only your own photography, please.

  • We want this site to be friendly. Questionable photos will be deleted at moderator's discretion, as will extremely rude or unpleasant comments.

  • Membership will not be accepted for journals that do not have any posts or other signs that they are 'real'!
  • Mar. 16th, 2018

    notes from a small island



    365 week 52 Thursday

    As you can see-this boat's name used to be Our Tracy.

    She is now called Cair Vie -'Fair Wind' - which is what her crew want every time they leave harbour.

    ETA; Actually she is in the forefront of this other photo taken at a different time - you can see where her new name is written ven if you will have to take my word for what it is!

    Week 43 Saturday

    Mar. 11th, 2018



    2018 Challenge Week 11

    Wow, where has the week gone? 

    Anyway, time for another prompt.  As we seem to be hurtling straight though this month, and year  .... I thought we could use that as our prompt - STRAIGHT

    Have fun!
    M&D wedding



    I haven't taken the photo I was going to, as I keep forgetting to take my camera. I will remember one day, and upload, but until that day I will post this picture I took 2 years ago in London.

    I didn't know the name, but for me it is John (Dad's name) & Pearl (Mum's second name). I saw this not long after loosing them both.

     photo DSC_0669_zpsb6uvo0zk.jpg

    Mar. 5th, 2018

    marcus 2013


    Name, Sign: Kensington Gore

    Fun street name for anyone who likes amateur (or professional) dramatics:

    Mar. 4th, 2018



    2018 Challenge Week 10

    As I have the computer (and brain) switched on, and it's my turn again this month, I thought I would post this weeks prompt.

    As last week the prompt was weather, which is part of my surname, I thought we could photograph the subject of NAME
    Ginger Boys



    Snow is quite rare in the part of the UK where I live.

    It was the first time my 4year old cat had gone out in it.



    Mar. 3rd, 2018

    Jiffy - wet pet



    This was taken an hour into our snow .... It eventually got deaper, but with an icy top

     photo DSC_0283_zpsytlanhmn.jpg
    marcus 2013


    Weather - Frozen canal

    Continuing this week's theme, since it wasn't snowing today I went for a walk and happened to cross a footbridge over the canal, which for I think the first time in several years was partially frozen. Not particularly thick ice, but it wasn't something I expected.

    Frozen canal

    Frozen canal

    Unfortunately I'd forgotten to take a camera with me so this is from my iPhone - if I'd had a camera with a decent optical zoom I would have included pictures of a coot that was wandering around on the ice looking very confused...
    notes from a small island



    We have had little snow - but Force 9 gales (wind speeds of 55mph or so) and freezing temperatures all week.

    So - this was a hasty phone pic from the shelter of a building 20-30 yards from the sea, taken yesterday a little before they closed the road altogether -


    That is sea water on the road - we haven't had any rain for a couple of weeks.

    And this is how cold it has been -


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