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October 2019




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Sep. 17th, 2017



[sticky post] What is Photo-Scavenger All About?

Everyone is welcome.

The idea is simple: we post a theme every week, and members respond with a photo or two that they feel captures that theme. We hope it will be a great way to share great photos and unique views.

The weekly challenges are now tagged by 'year and prompt' so all the prompts for this year, 2017, can be found by clicking on '2017prompt' in the tags list, so it should be fairly easy to find them and catch up at any time.
The Rules:

  • Our goal is one or two photos per post; but if you do post more than one or two, please be kind and cut. Photo size should not overflow the page :)

  • Posts should be tagged with that week's theme/prompt and with photographer's username. The tag for the prompt will already be in the tags list - it is added when the prompt is posted.

  • Only your own photography, please.

  • We want this site to be friendly. Questionable photos will be deleted at moderator's discretion, as will extremely rude or unpleasant comments.

  • Membership will not be accepted for journals that do not have any posts or other signs that they are 'real'!
  • Oct. 20th, 2019

    World travel



    One I was missing - AWAY

    This is Jiffy waiting to go away on his holiday a couple of years ago -

     photo DSC_0257_zpstpgvgfsn.jpg

    Oct. 17th, 2019

    notes from a small island



    The main sound for much of today has been that of rain on the roof, on the windows, and splashing in the puddles outside -

    That is the view of the rain splashing onto path at the back of the house, through the rather rain splattered windows!

    Oct. 14th, 2019

    James singing - music notes


    2019 Challenge, Week 42

    Now we have all had a look at things ... let's have a listen.  So this week's challenge is SOUND

    Have fun

    Oct. 13th, 2019

    notes from a small island



    My sight would be very limited these days if it wasn't for the wonderful people here;

    20191011_102755 (2)

    Oct. 11th, 2019




    Earlier in the year I went to Lackock Manor, and to the photographic museum there.  William Fox Talbot is reputed to have taken the first negative-positive photo (and yea I saw it, and the window used!) ... However, like me the man needed glasses to help his sight - and here they are

     photo Glasses of William Fox Talbot 1845_zps7tk6crma.jpg

    Oct. 7th, 2019



    2019 Challenge, Week 41

    Wow, how can it be my month again ... where did the last 2 go?

    Well as I was thinking of what to challenge us all with today, I thought of cameras ... and realised that they only see what we do ... so, there we are, let's think of SIGHT


    Oct. 4th, 2019

    notes from a small island



    The reality of life on the small island.

    We almost always refer to leaving the island as 'going away'; "Have you been away recently?" "Are you going away at all this summer?" "Of course her daughter lives away.." And so on!

    These are what it is like if you want to go away with your car -

    Driving onto the boat.

    365 week 34 Friday

    Inside the car deck - this is only half of the lower car deck - the central block on the right contains stairs, lift, and engineering stuff, and there is the same amount of space on the other side of it - and also an upper car deck. As you can just about make out there are three rows of cars on this side. Altogether the Ben-my-Chree can take 275 vehicles.

    365 week 18 Saturday

    And finally - this was a day when I was really glad I wasn't going away!

    365 week 47 Wednesday
    notes from a small island


    Above us only sky....

    Yesterday's early afternoon sky as a storm approached;


    Oct. 1st, 2019

    Brooklyn bridge



    When one thinks of the New York City Subway one thinks of the underground tunnels. The nearest station in my neighborhood, like several on this line (the N train), is above ground.

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