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The idea is simple: we post a theme every week, and members respond with a photo or two that they feel captures that theme. We hope it will be a great way to share great photos and unique views.

The weekly challenges are now tagged by 'year and prompt' so all the prompts for this year, 2017, can be found by clicking on '2017prompt' in the tags list, so it should be fairly easy to find them and catch up at any time.
The Rules:

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  • Jiffy - sleepy


    While I am getting ready for bed, I always turn back the blankets as I love to get into a cold bed.  And Jiffy gets ready for bed first, then sits and waits for his treat, and then it's bed time) ... so, here is Jiffy in his pyjamas sitting on my bed

     photo 20 January 4_zpsyfmijbs2.jpg

    btw, the pyjamas were something that Mum made hi almost 10 years ago and he has worn every night for 6 months of the year since!


    This gave me a hard time. Of course I didn't come across any "twenty" I could take a pic of since the prompt was posted, so I'm resorting to the only "20" I could find around the house (of course I didn't even had a suitable bill in my wallet!).

    advent calendar box
    This is a former match box for big matches (about an inch long), in use for an Advent calendar now with wrapping paper glued to it, as well as a printed number 20.


    Even though I suggested the prompt I then wondered what I could post!  Anyway I was out with my camera this morning, and realised that I live in a 20mph zone.  So, at the end of my road I saw the speed limit sign, and took it from both sides ....Collapse )
    notes from a small island


    A not very good picture of my new sewing machine.

    20200116_115400 (2)

    In theory I have a large worktable in that room for ssewing - in practuce it has a desk top computer on it and I cut out on the dining table and use the tiny one for sewing!