What is Photo-Scavenger All About?

Everyone is welcome.

The idea is simple: we post a theme every week, and members respond with a photo or two that they feel captures that theme. We hope it will be a great way to share great photos and unique views.

The weekly challenges are now tagged by 'year and prompt' so all the prompts for this year, 2017, can be found by clicking on '2017prompt' in the tags list, so it should be fairly easy to find them and catch up at any time.
The Rules:

  • Our goal is one or two photos per post; but if you do post more than one or two, please be kind and cut. Photo size should not overflow the page :)

  • Posts should be tagged with that week's theme/prompt and with photographer's username. The tag for the prompt will already be in the tags list - it is added when the prompt is posted.

  • Only your own photography, please.

  • We want this site to be friendly. Questionable photos will be deleted at moderator's discretion, as will extremely rude or unpleasant comments.

  • Membership will not be accepted for journals that do not have any posts or other signs that they are 'real'!
  • Adventure before dementia

    Silver & Legs

    Yay - I am all up to date now.  Yesterday I went to my city's museum ... which has a very eclectic mix, so I could get the 2 missing prompts done -

    Silver Chocolate pot from 1707
    I don't know about you, but my hot chocolate comes in a pre-mixed tub, & I just add water!  As I add it in the mug, I don't need the posh jug, but ... it might be worth it!

    Redware pottery 4700 years ago
    It is amazing that all those years ago, a normal jug could be decorated in such a delicate way, and that they had kept them all in one piece.
    James - Discovery Channel

    Time & Ten

    Yesterday I went to a 1920's house, and on the outside was this lovely large sun-dial ... sadly as the sun wasn't fully out, I couldn't tell what the TIME was -

    Over the last couple of weeks I have been getting back into practicing my clarinet ... after learning to cope with longCovid it's a slow process, so I have been playing short pieces, such as from hymn books etc.  This week's book has one of my favourite hymn tunes as number TEN -