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  • Cake

    So the kids went camping this weekend and this was the cake that they had at their potluck.

    It was called "roadkill cake"

    Hopefully this cake does not offend anyone. The icing was a buttercream and the cake is strawberry.

    Bake on


    Ooh - a good prompt for me, this one. Cake is my favourite major food group :P

    So if you had opened one of my kitchen cupboards last August you might have found this iced fruit cake -

    And if you had looked in the fridge you would have found this one, which is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting -


    And finally they were united with their even bigger, similarly dressed, sister (A Victoria sponge must be female, surely) - to take centre stage at my daughter's wedding!

    I loved making their wedding cakes - but I have to say my more every day baking like these is less stressful!

    cake or death
    • notte0


    I'm kind of in a Sandwich phase as well... so having sandwiches for breakfast and on one day (I think it was Tuesday) also decided to have the Club Sandwich at the cafeteria.

    Obviously, the simple one is home made and the extremely complicated looking one is from the cafeteria...


    Just after seeing our new promot for the week; My pop was getting his medicine together this morning and fixing a peanut butter sandwich.

    I couldnt help but laugh and take a photo. Lol. He said he just placing the pills on the bread so they dont roll away.