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Smile please

November 2019



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Christmas - reason for the season

debris4spike in photo_scavenger

Candle & Wreath

Oooops, I did a prompt, then forgot to take a photo!  So, here is my CANDLE image.  This was given to me for my second Christmas (so I was 18 months old), but Mum never lit it as it was too nice ... I also love it, but for both those reasons,in will never be lit, so here she is sitting in my lounge (and for those who don't me, this was Christmas 1962!!)

 photo DSC_0223_zpsxicaai97.jpg

I never used to have a WREATH, as Mum & Dad would never agree with them. However, as you can see,I now have one, but not a traditional one (like next door), so I follow M&D, as well as typical England!

 photo DSC_0221_zpsduc1mban.jpg

 photo DSC_0222_zpsroqhmtvl.jpg
It's actually about 5 years old now, so looking good)

PS - I have a great match item, but it's somewhere in my spare room that's been used as a dumping ground, for a couple of years.  So I will have to re-think that one!


I like your wreath. Mine isn't trad. either. Long live the rebels.
That's quite a special and heart-warming candle to still have.
I can't bring myself to ever light figural candles. It seems a bit cruel.
How lovely to have such an old candle. And she/he is looking so good, too (I have a candle in the shape of a woman that is only 20 years old, but she has lost a lot of her definition over the years).
Your candle is really sweet, and I really like that wreath.