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Hobbit uk

Hot, Can, Fresh, Transport

Trying again with 4 more catchup photos.  Fingers crossed it works today!

Hot - This was taken in Turkey in the summer.  I couldn't live there....

Can -  This is the carousel unit in my kitchen.  It is badly in need of a clear out...

Fresh - this wasn't this year - the hot weather meant my plums didn't get so big.  This was a couple of years back, and I couldn't keep up with the volume so I  made jam and chutney while they were fresh.

Transport -  My friend R very sadly died a couple of years ago following a fight with cancer.  This was his pride and joy - his Harley - which was displayed at his funeral.  There were around 150 others there too, as his biker friends paid their respects.  The cortege had a police escort because of the number of bikes.
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