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Smile please

September 2019



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hobbituk in photo_scavenger

Sign, Ornament, Old

I'm uploading directly from my pc tonight to see if that makes a difference.  My pics used to post ok, I have no idea what has changed...

Sign -  This is the roadsign at the end of the road at the cemetery where my mum and dad are buried.  I could have used it for the remembrance prompt too...

Ornament- these are resin ornaments and my mum bought them for me as a birthday present.  They come individually, and you had to fill them with sand to keep them stable.  This wasn't good enough for her though, so she bought a small paving stone, and glued them in place with some decorative gravel.  They live next to the waterfall that goes into my pond.

Old - there are lots of old things in the Uk, but I had a photograph of this (now covered up completely) from near the office of doom.  It shows the old tram tracks, covered up when the pedestrian precinct was built.  This small square was left to show them with a plaque explaining the history, but it was a magnet for rubbish and people would throw bits of bread in there for the pigeons.  So they covered it completely.  *sad face*


If you are uploading directly to LJ, your scrapbook on LJ has to sent to public or only your LJ friends list can see them.
Yep. It's the same problem I had when I joined the group. I had to turn to Flickr to host my images.
I can see all of these.

Shame about the loss of the tram tracks, but such a small area being fenced off like that was kind of a shame too.

The meerkats are fun.
I can't see them, even though I am a friend of Hobbituk - I wonder why, as I have always seen her posts here before.
Likely yet another change at LJ about security and privacy settings or so. It's really annoying!
All the pics you posted lately show up locked for me, too. I've checked through your entries to see what you've tried. Your journal is set on being flocked as default security level, as much as I gather. I think this is the issue; we've had this happening before since LJ made some changes on the last, before last, or last time before last time or whatever. As much as I understand it boils down to only people you've friended will be able to see your images, as your scrapbook is set by default to the same security level as your journal is (which makes sense for the usual purposes you'd use your scrapbook). If some of them also can't see them now this might be some yet new change of LJ, and to be honest I wouldn't count on LJ to change this to your advantage again. Your best option probably is using an external service for hosting your images or the community (personally I'm currently using imgur and am quite satisfied with it - if you like to try and have questions, I'm happy to help). You could also try something we used to do with audio recordings on flocked journals: create another journal just for the purpose of hosting these pics, and not flocking this journal.
I hope this helps with your problem!

On a completely different note: I saw you've used the tag "2018" on some of your posts. We don't use tags for the year except for the prompt lists in the mod posts, just the username and the prompts. I've deleted the tag so it's gone in your entries, too, but it would be great if you didn't use it again. Thanks!
Ah, thank you for that. I will try an Imgur account. It's so annoying they did this - I thought my scrapbook was set to public! It always used to be...
Yes, all still locked - looking forward to seeing them, though