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Smile please

November 2019



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Doors Within Doors

fenchurche in photo_scavenger


So, let's see how long I can stick with it this year... I'm really hoping to do a better job of it!

I took this one from the deck outside our kitchen. We're on the edge of a river valley, facing east, so we can get some pretty spectacular sunrises when it's not foggy.


That is amazing.
Thanks! I was really pleased with this one because it came really close to catching what it was I was seeing with the naked eye (which is really tough to do with clouds).
Oh, that is beautiful. Very dramatic.

I am determined to catch up with missed prompts and keep up this year *nods firmly* At the weekend... *g*
I decided to not even try getting caught up and just give it a fresh start with the new year. It's probably going to be hard enough to keep up each week, as it is!
That is beautiful. Was it stormy later?

We were taught 'red sky in the morning is a sailor's warning.'
Nope, it was a really beautiful day... I'd always heard that too, but maybe it only applies when looking out at sea? :-)
Oh wow, that's glorious. I wish my camera didn't wash out colors like that.
I was really impressed that it worked so well... I was just using the camera on my phone!

Wow that's gorgeous!  I'm hoping to do better this year, too...

OMG, how beautiful is this? *loves*
That's a gorgeous sunrise. You really captured the feel that the sun is just about to show itself.