Maz (thismaz) wrote in photo_scavenger,

Catching up - all the C's - Craft, Close up and Candle

I fell so far behind, I was afraid that unless I did something soon, I would never catch up. And that would not satisfy my slight tendency towards completism *g*

Candle - When I was young, everybody I knew had one of these - a candle holder (usually an empty wine bottle) buried in wax. I still have one.

The others are behind the cut, to save your flists.

Close up - St Thomas's Church in the city centre has planted a strip of wild flower meadow plants along the side of its land. This is a close up of one of the poppies growing there, taken last spring.

Craft - I do do quite a bit of crafty stuff, but this was made by someone else. I love the delicacy of it.

So, that is three down. Five to go.
Tags: candle, close-up, craft, thismaz

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