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Smile please

November 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger

Evening, Morning and New

Evening - This is St Thomas's Church, the same one I just mentioned in the 'Close up' post.
This photo was taken at twenty past five in the evening, last week.

Again with a cut, since there are three photos

Morning - I have so many photographs of sun rises, but I decided to post this picture taken on Leazes Moor on a misty, moisty morning in April.

New - Also taken early in the morning, from the platform of the railway station, this is the 'new' castle that gives the city its name.
Well, it was new in the 1170s.


I love the misty one. I just love mist and fog. It always speaks to me of magic and possibilities.
Thank you. I have been waiting for a chance to post that one. I love it too.
I love that misty morning photo. It's very Shire-like.
Thank you. What I like is that there are cows wandering about and grazing on this common land in the middle of the city.
I love all three. It is sometimes so hard to realise how long ago it was when I knew all three places well.
Thank you. I always think of you when I look out photo for this com.
And I have just realised that, of course, it was not Nun's Moor; it was Leazes Moor. *goes to correct that*
I love all three of them! The "foggy cow" is my favourite, though; it's such a peaceful atmosphere.
Thank you. I love the foggy cow, too. I was waiting for a prompt for which I could post that particular picture.