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Smile please

October 2019



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hobbituk in photo_scavenger

Final catch up - craft, close up, candle, match, wreath, evening

Ok, so there are still a couple of prompts I didn't get for 2018.  I'll try to do better this year - and on time!

Craft - this was a wooden box I covered with napkins (decoupage)   I love the textured look of it.

Close Up - this looks quite big here, but it's TINY.  With my scan n cut machine, sometimes the only way to see if the blade is blunt is to photograph it and enlarge the image.  And yes, this one's tip had broken off...

Candle - I could have used this one for the craft prompt too.... it's a candle made from an unloved book.  Not one of mine - I can't bear to fold the pages of MY books.  It was one my friend was going to dump as the cover had somehow come off of it and it was missing a few pages...  The tea light in it is not a real one, obvs.

Match - this is a poignant pic for me.  One of my previous line manager's at the office of doom retired and very soon afterwards was diagnosed with a brain tumour that was sadly terminal.  He loved to go and watch Leyton Orient FC, and a group of colleagues and I all went along to a match one day before he got too ill to go.  There must have been around 15 of us there - boosted the gate that day!  It was a good match - LO won, he was happy.  Less than a year later he was no longer with us.  RIP Alan. 

Wreath - this was a simple wreath I spotted on the door of a house in Prague when hobbitmum and I went there for the Christmas markets.

Evening - night fall view from the 10th floor window of the Office of Doom the year before I left.  Best part of working that high up...


The box is beautiful. Really lovely choice of picture.
And the candle is very clever.
How good that you could all go to the football match. Even better that his team won.