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Smile please

September 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger

Today ....

... is washing day!

I do washing when I get the time, or when my washing basket is full ... so TODAY is the day.  Mum was 87 when she died, and every single Monday (unless on holiday or it was Christmas Day or New Year's Day) she did her washing ... whether there was lots, or just a few things ... Mondays were wash days!.  However, for me, it's today (Saturday) -

 photo DSC_0009_zpssuc945nv.jpg

 photo DSC_0010_zpsfthg59mx.jpg


It's always so nice to get the washing done.
Great to hang outside, as well ... although I only got half of it in before the rain returned!!
I love it when washing gets a good "blow" from the wind outside. Unfortunately, when I tried some this morning it just hung there, and came in as wet as it went out.... roll on Spring!
I will admit I got 1/2 of it dried, then the rain caught the other 1/2 before I could get it in!! So I left it out for the next 24hours, and they really blew dry nicely!
My Mum washed on Mondays too.
Yep, Mondays were wash days
I try to put it off until I *have* to do it. No idea why, since it is hardly an onerous task nowadays *g* But I also remember when washing day was a regular event.
I will admit that often I end up waiting till the washing basket is totally overflowing, and do 2 washes in the same day.
That group of hanging trousers looks quite funny like this, as if they're some friends about to embark on a journey or so. *g*

Having fixed days for chores certainly has advantages - I'm always trying to work with a schedule as I'm notoriously bad at taking free time for myself and otherwise the work waiting never ends. But not doing a full load of laundry wouldn't occur to me either, probably as not wasting energy or water has been deeply ingrained into me from childhood on. I'm not good at the fixed day thing, though, so I often end up with the downside of always doing full loads: large heaps waiting to be folded and be put away. *g*
Yes I could never understand Mum sticking to her "day", especially when she didn't have much.

However in general she did like to stick to routines