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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger

History and Today

I have so may photos of historic monuments and old buildings, but I decided that for this prompt I would post a photo of an interesting and sad story. I seem to collect photos of blue plaques, mostly because they provide me with some historical context for the area I am photographing at the time, but this one I photographed for itself. It is the first and only time I have seen a blue plaque in two languages.

And just as an alternative, this little plaque is set into the pavement (sidewalk) in the city centre. Once you notice one, you see them elsewhere, too. One day I am going to walk around the city centre and see how many I can find.

Today is behind the cut.

Well, it was today when I took them. Yesterday now. I did intend to post when I got home, but... Things Happened. And that didn't. Good intentions, so I am going to cling to those and and claim that 'Today' is still valid.
This was the promise of spring I spotted the other day and went back to photograph yesterday morning.


How lovely to see flowers on such a cold day.

Good old Nathan Walker! I try to look up every day too. :)
The flowers are such a nice promise. Fingers crossed we don't get any more heavy frosts.

Nathan Walker sets a good example.
The blue plaques are fascinating - as is the small one, in a very different way.

I really will have to catch up. Hmm - I have a picture I took today I could post.
The little plaque made me smile when I spotted it, especially since seeing it at all meant I was looking down *g*
So glad "today" is bringing a promise of Spring.

I really love those history plaques ... I love spotting blue plaques ... never seen a bilingual one before.
Now if it would only warm up a little *g*

Nor have I, but I think it is a very courteous gesture to put one up that is in Russian, given the subject.
Now I want to know the story behind that little plaque and how it came to be there.
I think it is a random bit of whimsical art. There is another I have seen that says something about a woman looking in a shop window. I really want to wander the city streets staring at the ground, to see how many more I can spot.
I don't think I've seen this type of such plaques before, but I assume they're particular to the UK. I might have missed them when I last visited, though, or they're newer (my last visit was in the early 90s), or they're newer? Anyway, I always find such info very interesting, even if it's of th sadder kind like this incident.
The pavement plaque is intersting, too, but for a different reason, as they remind me of the Stolperstein movement. Those are square brass plaques set in the pavement in front of houses where former inhabitants had been deportated by or been otherwise victims of the Nazis. It started in Germany, but they're found by now in all European countries. I've seen a few myself, usually you're literally stumbling over them in unexpected places. I find them a really special kind of memorial.
Blue plaques apparently go back quite a long way and can now be found all over the country. They can make a walk around a city, or even a small village, very interesting by providing unexpected snippets of history.

I had not heard of the Stolperstein project, but that is really interesting; a very poignant memorial.

My local history society did something similar to commemorate those lost in the First World War. I posted a photo of one for the 'Plate' prompt a few years ago.

The pavement plaque is just a bit of fun and I really like it for that reason.