Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote in photo_scavenger,
Marcus L. Rowland

Mirror - Sam and Me

Sorry I haven't done much here lately, I've been caught up in other things. I'll try to do more.

These are VERY old photos, originally taken with a Canon F1 35mm camera in 1997 and scanned from prints. They're also teeny (because very old, cropped, and used as web site pictures when I only had 20 MB of site space) which is why I still have them. Colours aren't wonderful because they are .gif, not .jpg, and at some point I reversed them so they're not actually left-right reversed any more... It's me and my first corn snake Sam, who was showing off his colours and took one look at the camera then made a break for it while I was fiddling with it.

Tags: mirror

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