Maz (thismaz) wrote in photo_scavenger,

Leader, Mirror and Coat

I'm catching up again.

Last year I went into town with my camera to see the Gay Pride Parade. This lady was the leader of the parade as it passed along one of the main streets in the city, which had been 'grassed over' with artificial turf to turn it into a pedestrian way for the weekend.

In the Baltic Art Gallery on the Gateshead quayside, there is a staircase with a mirror set at the top and another at the bottom, which together create the illusion of an endless staircase.

I will admit to cheating with this one. It is an excuse to post a photo of another of the amazing Glasgow murals that I also posted examples of for the prompts, Hands and Feet. But you have to admit, he is wearing a coat *g*
Tags: coat, leader, mirror, thismaz

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