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Smile please

October 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This is my favourite coat. A gift from my husband some years ago, as he knew I had coveted it, I kept it for 'best'. Then, this winter, I decided that was stupid - it is meant to wear in cold weather. So I have worn it on cold dry days and have really got pleasure from it. I reckon it should last for years even now that I am actually making good use of it!



I love it! I would wear that coat to death!
I have decided that is exactly what I am going to do - it is actually sheepskin underneath all the gorgeous the fake fur trimmings and so really cosy.
Looks lovely - and warm! I do the same thing. I have a couple of wonderful coats that I don't use because I don't want anything to happen to them! Um.... not very useful!
It occurred to me that at my current rate of wearing it - maybe two or three times a year, I could leave it as good as new in my will!

And I am getting so much pleasure from actually wearing it - I would recommend getting them out and making use of them.
I have started doing that with my DuBarry raincoat. It's lovely and flattering and useful, so I need to stop treating it like a precious object to be displayed on a hook and actually wear it where people can see it.
Yummy coat.
It is really warm and cosy - it is basically a sheepskin with fancy trimmings, and I have decide I really enjoy wearing it.
Oh, that does look lovely and warm. And I really like the subtle pattern on the Suede (is it Suede?)
Yes - it is sheepskin with the pile on the inside, if you see what I mean. And then there is that subtle patterning.

It is by Elvi, who don't exist in quite the same way any more, and it should wear well; I have a more sensible wet-weather coat from them which I've had for about ten years and still wear, although it is not as smart as it was :)
It's certainly a good decision to wear it for the intended purpose! I totally get to keep some things for "best"; been raised that way and followed it for the longest time - until I lost a beautiful woollen skirt to moths and was rather saddened that I'd worn it so rarely.
I reckon it will still look good for the times I would have used it for 'best' as well as being lovely and warm - because it is so annoying when the sort of thing that happened to your skirt happens.