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Catching up, as usual: web, roadsign, ornament, old, halloween, remembrance, warm, craft

I don't know why I don't seem to manage to keep even somewhat up to date with this - I'm choosing or making pics right when every prompt is called, but actually getting them into size, upload and post them always seems to take forever... ahem. But I'm still aiming at filling every prompt eventually, so here we go.


A fishing craft in the harbour of Bagenkop, Denmark,


A sadly still unfinished knitting project of this (last) winter: this is going to be a knit-felt slipper after a pattern by Arne & Carlos. I didn't have much choice of colour for the needed lenght and thickness of the felt knitting wool, so I ended up with doing the stripes, although I imagine they're going to look quite fun after the felting. . I already did one pair which came out awesomely, but the knitting process is tedious: to get the desired stability (and not need extra soles, for example), the stitches need to be alternating from two balls of wool, even if it's the same colour. I knew how to knit two-coloured patterns so I'm familiar with it, but doing so with a set of needles and thick wool and my poor presbyopic eyes is quite a feat. But they'll finished for next winter, at least! *g*

remembrance - Dagny's blanket

This is a heartbreaking exhibit in the Frontier museum of Kirkenes, Norway. Dagny Loe was a woman cooperating, with her husband, with the Norwegian partisans in 1942 and 1943, when Norway was occupied by the German Wehrmacht. Her husband was sentenced to death and executed, and she lost her newborn baby on the way to Kirkenes where she was brought for interrogation. She was sentenced to 15 years of prison and was sent to various concentration camps in Germany and Poland. During all this time, she kept this blanket she embroidered with the events of her journey and imprisonment. Against all odds she survived and could return home to her village, and later donated her blanket to the museum.


Spooky Borka - I once photoshopped this pic for a Halloween card, as he so looks the part in this pic!


A pair of old Ski in the Historic museum of Tromsø, Norway. The weirdest thing for me was that my very own first pair of ski had the same type of ski binding and now makes me feel quite old, too. *g*


A Sámi ornament on display at the Sámi museum in Jokkmokk, Sweden: crafting ornaments to decorate their traditional costumes was and is an important part of Sámi culture, and the museums had some terrific examples on display. I particulalry liked this one, which was about 10cm in diameter, I think; an ornament of woven grass sewn into a hammered ring of silver, worn as a brooch.


Another souvenir from our Northland trip - a bit blurry as taken from the car at a foggy day - on our way to the North cape proper after the first night on the island.


I really was stymied with this one for a time - you think you see any kind of web any time, but obviously not when you want to photograph them. In the end, I took a pic (not a screenshot ;o) ) of my screen showing images of webs found in the world wide web. You're welcome. ^^
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