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Catching up #3: Cloud, everyday, stripes, coat, mirror, leader, match

... and being up to date for once except for the current prompt. ;o)


Clouds looking like fiery liquid flowing (streaming?) over the sky


This is our feline Hobbit Viggo, who lives for anything that is related to food, or even remotely edible (I did not say digestible). Everytime he sees me carrying something in my hand he comes up to me like this to investigate if it might be food. He also can open all kinds of containers, pushes pots, bowls and dishes from the worktop if we don't pay attention, carries away promsiing bags or parcels out of my shopping basket faster than I can look - dealign with his food-related behaviour has quite changed our everyday life! He's still the cuddliest of all cuddly teddy bears, though. ^^


This is my "travelling handbag", decorated with patches from some countries I've visited or who have meaning for me, all with varieties of stripes.


Another from our trip to Denmark in February: the wild horses in their fuzzy, shaggy and warm winter coats.


Staying there, the gable of one of the holiday cottages mirrored in a puddle.


Two of the harbour cats having a heated discussion, with the right (supposedly male) one clearly carrying out his duties as the group's leaders. At least we got that impression. ^^  They were completely silent at it, too, just using body language.

is from a bit further back, as I didn't have an inspiration for the longest time. But isn't it lovely when, in a difficult jigsaw puzzle, you finally find a match for an elusive piece?
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