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I spent some time the other day sorting through photographs, so I could post catch-ups. Then I had to go out to meet my sister. So, of course, I thought I had done it all. It was only when I saw curiouswombat's posts this morning that I realised I had not completed the final and rather essential step and actually posted.

So here I am, belatedly catching up.

There are fours seasons, so I combined them to make a year - Spring blossom, summer flowers, autumn colour and winter's Christmas tree.

Things I do everyday
I have posted this photo before, but my morning mug of coffee is the only thing I could think of that I absolutely do every single day.

The other morning I was out in Tynemouth and this dramatic cloud formation was streaked across the entire sky.

I took this photograph weeks ago, when the prompt was posted, but... weeks pass unnoticed.

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