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Puzzle, Solo, Vehicle, Jewellery

I saw these small jigsaw puzzles in an art gallery, but took the picture because I wanted to show them to a friend. I liked the way there were objects inserted into the puzzle.

On the way to Tynemouth the other day I went through the park, where there are a couple of Anglo-Saxon graves. I loved the potential symbolism of this brave little daffodil, especially since it was Easter weekend, even though it was wilting a little by then.

A number of vehicles, but the reason for taking the photo was obviously the car on the road, rather than the bicycle, bus or other cars.

And finally:

At Tynemouth market there was a stall where they were selling jewellery made from silver cutlery.

And so I am all caught up (probably just in time for the next prompt *g*)
Tags: jewellery, puzzle, solo, thismaz, vehicle

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