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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger

Puzzle, Solo, Vehicle, Jewellery

I saw these small jigsaw puzzles in an art gallery, but took the picture because I wanted to show them to a friend. I liked the way there were objects inserted into the puzzle.

On the way to Tynemouth the other day I went through the park, where there are a couple of Anglo-Saxon graves. I loved the potential symbolism of this brave little daffodil, especially since it was Easter weekend, even though it was wilting a little by then.

A number of vehicles, but the reason for taking the photo was obviously the car on the road, rather than the bicycle, bus or other cars.

And finally:

At Tynemouth market there was a stall where they were selling jewellery made from silver cutlery.

And so I am all caught up (probably just in time for the next prompt *g*)


Oh - I love all these. The jigsaws because they are cute, the fork bracelets because I want one, the car reminds me of the one my grampy had when I was about four or five, and the daffodil because it is a fascinating picture.
Thank you very much.
Great shots, especially of so many things I would never ordinarily see.
Thank you. I'm glad you liked them.
I'm torn about that silver cutlery jewellery. It's so sad to know that something that is probably around 100 years old (or even older) has been made into jewellery rather than being used as cutlery any more. Georgian and Victorian silver spoons sell for a ridiculously low amount so I'm not surprised.
I suppose they are odd pieces and people want matching sets.
Love that jewellery (goes without saying for me!!)

That car is great - makes you really notice the modern designs, as well.

But, like you, I love that lovely daff ... so brave
Thank you.

The fork bangle was maybe a bit obvious for me, but I did like the teaspoon rings.

The car was so small, compared to modern cars. Smaller even than my little Micra.

The daffodil seemed like a perfect image for Easter.