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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Things you might find in a kitchen.

Firstly here is something we found in the kitchen when we first saw this house -

Yes - for some reason one corner of the kitchen had a log burner in it. Serving no purpose, and so badly fitted that it was dangerous!

So this is what you would find in that bit of the kitchen now;

A double oven and drawers and cupboards. Much more useful! Also a dog - you can often find her in the kitchen!

And, in the spirit of the subject, here are other things you will find in my kitchen;

DSCN2632 (2)


That bit of kitchen looks marvelous! Awwww, look at the sweet pup.
It is such a useful bit of kitchen now - I keep all my baking things in the cupboards and drawers.

Willow is often in the kitchen if there is a person there - in case they might need help with a biscuit.
Pippin gives her "paws up" approval to Willow's helpfulness.
very nice!!
Thank you. I do like that bit of kitchen now - and having decided that we actually quite like the citrus walls I got some matching utensils to go with my red ones.
That corner of the kitchen certainly looks much, much better now. It is sad how peoples' dreams so often don't work out. I can imagine the previous owners thinking how cosy and nostalgia generating a wood burning stove would be, only to be defeated by bad planning.
When these houses were build in the mid 1970s the ones like ours seem to have had solid fuel central heating, with the furnace in the garage. So we all have a chimney that goes up in the inner corner of the garage. There are no other chimneys.

So it looks as if Dennis* wanted a wood burner but didn't want to have to put any sort of chimney in and just plonked it where he could access the existing chimney - so in the corner of the kitchen. And yes - they might have dreamed of 'cosy' but the reality was very different!

*Dennis - we bought the bungalow from a lady who had split up with her partner. Towards the end of the process his name did appear n a document and we realised he had, back in the early 1990s, lived next door to us with a different partner. He was something of a bodger...
Nice share
Thank you.
That log stove image is a truly good answer to the part of "finding" in a kitchen. ^^
Even the estate agent/salesperson who showed me around went 'Um... there is a log burner in the kitchen...' in an apologetic tone. Whereas, usually, they are quite enthusiastic about them as a selling point.