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Smile please

September 2019



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debris4spike in photo_scavenger

Squares & Kitchens

Just trying to catch up

I love these tiles that I saw in the art deco house called Coleton Fishacre, which is in south Devon.  Hard to say which is my favourite

 photo DSC_0160_zpsguehmvpd.jpg

 photo DSC_0159_zpsm2oigmqg.jpg

I went to Fagin village in South Wales, last summer.  This was the kitchen of the prefab house (made rapidly at the end of the war, for those who don't know/remember them)

 photo DSC_0253_zpsdxiymqub.jpg


The tiles are fascinating. The prefab kitchen must have been very welcome for quite a few of the new residents as they were really quite nicely thought out for their time, I think.
Oh yes, for the late 40's that kitchen would have been truly amazing. I still remember some of the prefabs being up in Greater London in the late 70's ... they lasted well
I particularly like the tile of the car - the way the driver is hunched over the wheel (and takes up the entire front), while the two ladies in the back share the space and look so relaxed.
Those 2 tiles, I look at them and like one more than the other, then the next time it's the other way round - there is so much detail on them
What nice choices! There's a shop in San Diego (where I used to live) that sells nothing but decorative tiles, and it's a fascinating place to wander through.
I loved seeing these tiles - there were quite a few with similar scenes, but these 2 were my favourites (sorry, but my bathroom has plain white ones!!)
I'm sure whoever pained those tiles must've had a lot of fun! :o)
And that kitchen looks very practical to me, particularly for the time. If I remember what pics etc. I know of the average kitchen in Germany of the time, I'm sure it'd been a big favourite over here, too!