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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger

Things made of wood.

I love this bowl -


But you might think it is a bit odd with that section cut out of it. But therein lies its beauty - to find out what this particular bowl has been designed for


It is a wool/yarn bowl! Put the wool into the bowl and it won't roll all over the floor as you knit or crochet. Isn't that clever?


Ooooo - I want one!
Mine was a gift - but I have seen them on Etsy.
Clever and beautiful.
Isn't it just! It is really nice wood.
Love it (that's all I can say!)

Mum would be really jealous of you as she loved wood
Isn't it such a good idea - as well as beautiful!
Oh! I love your bowl too!
It is such a lovely thing - being beautiful and useful.
That is clever! I need to move some pictures to PB or IMGUR so I can have things to meet these prompts again. Don't have it in me to search for the picture on my laptop, put it up on a hosting site, and then link to it from LJ (or DW). FB has spoiled me....
Thank you.

I just upload these straight here, I don't bother with Phtobucket any more, although I do still use Flickr sometimes.
Is that possible? I've never tried to upload a picture that wasn't on PB. I thought it had to come from there. Of course, that was years ago and LJ has changed/improved a lot of things since then...
Was just about to explain how when I realised you had done it!
Beautiful! I love it!! I love it even more than my yarn stand I got from my gram... and that's saying something!
Thank you. It is such a neat idea - and beautiful as well as practical.
Cool thanks :P
Thank you - my pleasure to share.
Oh, that is pretty. And very clever.
Isn't it! And such a simple idea - that works.
It is a thing of beauty in it's simplicity.
Thanks - that is how I feel about it,too.
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Well that's exciting :)
Hah, I guessed right at the function. It's truly beautiful, such a lovely piece! I know the idea from similar bowls my favourite potter makes, although I never got one - they're incompatible with most of our furries. I'm using an old soup tureen with a heavy cover instead. XD
It is such a practical idea - which hadn't occurred to me until I got this.