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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


I have, genuinely, just taken this picture. A young man of my acquaintance regularly sits on my settee taking pictures of what is on the television, and it was too good an answer to the prompt to not copy him when I was watching Brian Cox's series on The Planets, as you really wouldn't get much more heat than this!

And now for the photos I took earlier today for this prompt! We haven't had a lot of heat over the past few weeks, but just enough for these flowers to bloom. They are, officially, Kniphofia. But their relevance to the prompt is that, here, they are known as Red Hot Pokers.


And, bonus pic, the bees love them;



Great shots! I'm always happy to see bees enjoying a flower.
The bees love these - I am pleased to say that my garden is pretty bee friendly!
I love both prompt answers, but the first is a terrific choice, great idea!
I did kind of feel that the first one was cheating a bit, but was really pleased at how well it came out.
You used to see Red Hot Pokers everywhere, but I hardly do these days. I remember them from my childhood garden.*nostalgia*
The other photo is a very clever choice.
There are a number of old-fashioned plants in this garden. It feels as if some of them were planted back in the 70s when the house was built - or a few years later by someone nostalgic.

I wasn't sure what the clump of leaves was last year until these small, alien like, things began to appear and grow at great speed.
My Auntie used to grow red hot pokers when I was a child.
They are one of the plants that has gone out of fashion. I also have the old fashioned blue geraniums and those giant daisies, both of which grew in my grandparents' garden.