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Catching up: puzzle & solo

Catching up again - this is becoming a theme, although not intentional. *sigh* Never enough hours in a day and enough spoons available, it seems.


This is a precious memory of my paternal grandfather and also quite an unique heirloom: my grandfather was born in 1920 to a not well off family, and toys were rare and precious. He had about five or six during his whole childhood, this puzzle among them. He managed to keep it safe throughout his whole life, including a bombing and subsequent loss of their house when he was already married (they lost nearly everything, but managed to dig a handful of books and the box with this out from the rubble), numerous moves and changes in his life situation. It originally consisted of a cardboard box with a raised grid of the thinnest cardboard, and coloured cubes and triangles to lay images with. The original box disintegrated already when he was a child, but he made a new box out of very thin plywood and glued the original cover with the templates on the inside. This box has been remade several times, but the cardboard grid of the original box, the templates, and all cubes and triangels necessary to lay the templates are still intact or still exist. My father and uncle have played with it as children, as had my sisters and I, and now my nieces sometimes like to lay patterns or images with the cubes, since my grandfather gave this to me for safe-keeping. It's so well-preserved I'm sure it'll keep at least one or two more generations, no matter how delicate and fragile some of the parts are.


I found it hard finding something for this prompt, and this is perhaps not so suitable after all? Anyway, I decided to choose this solo cross-country skiier training in the summer, for as this might perhaps not as unusual for any Norwegian, for us tourists it was quite a singular experience to have this guy on the road in front of us. And he was definitiely solo, too! *g*

And I just noticed that I forgot to upload the rest of my catching-up pics, which are on the other computer. So only these two for now!
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