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This is an old BMW of the Wehrmacht, seen in the historical museum of Trondenes, Norway. Trondenes, located on the easternmost part of the Lofotes/Vesterålen islands in Norway, and was also part of Hitler's Atlantic wall.


(Sorry for the reflection) A piece of Sami jewellery, worn for festive occasions, in the Siida Sami museum in Inari, Finland.


This one was surprisingly difficult: we seem to not have been in any Catholic churches or cathedrals in the last years with taking pics of anything suitable for this prompt, except of this one, in the Church of Trondenes. The fortified church is the northernmost medieval stone church in Norway and served the whole north of the country in the middle ages, while this altar has been created by a German master from Lübeck. I couldn't get much more info about the altar, unfortunately, although except fro the middle row of figures, which seem to be portraits of citizens, there are various saints present.


One of the destinations of our big Northland trip was visiting the North Cape. We hoped to also see the midnight sun there, and stayed for three days to accommodate for adverse weather. As it turned out, we didn't even SEE the North Cape proper, although we've spent three days there, given that the fog never really lifted during these days. We actually needed Google Maps on my phone to guide us from the parking place to the main building there, as you couldn't see further than a foot or two, and back outside where the famous monumnet is followed the railing encircling the area to find it as we had completely lost any sense of direction. We also did experience the midnight sun, as this was taken at about 11 p.m. and was surprisingly light despite the fog. But hey, we've been there, got a photo, and learned afterwards that it's rather the norm than the exception to have bad weather there and not see much more than fog, despite the reassurances and promises by travel guides, tourist informations and so on. ;o)
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