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Sunny, Humid & Heat

Ooops, I seem to have missed a couple of weeks.  However, I think this will be me back up to date.  They are under a cut as my photobucket seems not to want to make them smaller, as I ask it to!

Yesterday I met up with my sister-in-law in South Wales to visit Tredegar House ... and it was a lovely SUNNY day
 photo DSC_0179_zpsc2hwvfi1.jpg

.... However one of the rooms had this lovely fireplace in it - so a great way to HEAT the room in winter
 photo DSC_0098_zpspsissbi0.jpg

this last photo was taken 10 years ago of my namesake ... we had just got back from a ride, and as you can see I had obviously made him work.  So here he is, beginning his cool down process - one HUMID day, causing one very sweaty pony.
 photo DSC_0597_zpsjhctnbxu.jpg
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