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Smile please

September 2019



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heartofoshun in photo_scavenger


My oldest sister Anne's retirement house where she has lived for over 20 years is a cottage built on the edge of a golf course. The golf course for all practical purposes is her front yard. (She is also a golfer. Talk about retirement goals!) All of her siblings are waiting for a golf ball to go through one of her windows, but one never has.

Taken with my old point-and-shoot a couple of years ago. Too hot to take a new one this week. It's scary hot outside--hotter than the temperatures look on paper.


What a sweet place!

It's scary hot here, too. We're promised cooler weather starting Monday, and I hope you get the same.
When she and her husband bought that house, I saw it as a strange choice--I wanted a big city and bright lights! It's bordered on one side by the golf course, on another by a lush if small woodland, and on the two other sides by the largest city park in that part of the state. Now it seems absolutely idyllic to me. It's big enough to even put up two or three guests comfortably and have everything one needs, but small enough to be easy to clean and maintain. Certainly not roughing it, but surrounded by elegantly manicured nature on all sides! They even see occasional deer.
Hoping it will cool down next week. So far I have been dreading the most awful part which starts tomorrow.
Lovely place for her ... yes, my brothers & myself would say that about each other (the golf ball bit!!)
It looks very attractive to me right now. I am deep in the heart of very urban Brooklyn--farthest I have been from the ocean or any of the largest parks in this city since I moved to NYC.
That looks like a really nice place.
If someone offered it to me, I certainly would not turn them down! The house is not large (two bedrooms) but has every modern comfort and is green on all sides.
It looks like a lovely spot - and it must be like heaven for a golfer!
She loves it. She is getting older, so she actually drives a bit up the road to enter the golf course itself. But it keeps her active playing a few times a week in the warm months.
I wonder if somebody who's not a golfer would like to live so close to a course! ^^ But definitely awesome if you do.
There are about a half-dozen houses on that little cul-de-sac, so those are people who clearly like the idea. The other side of her house faces a copse of trees that from that angle makes one feel like one is looking into a forest. I have less than zero interest in golf. But the house is lovely most of the time and golfers at least are fairly quiet.

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