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Smile please

September 2019



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curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


One of the things I love about our new(ish) house is the number of cupboards.

This is the utility room;


There are as many cupboards in there as we had in our kitchen in our old house. I actually do have a favourite cupboard of those ones - it is this one;


Yes! I now have so much storage space in the kitchen/utility that I have an empty cupboard!

Actually i have a favourite cupboard in the kitchen, too;


I have a whole cupboard above the ovens to keep my baking sheets and cooling racks in! (The baking tins have two whole pot drawers to themselves :) )

Also - I think, having seen that picture, I better go and clean the controls for the ovens!


I'm jealous :) Your utility room is the same size as my kitchen.
It is about the size of our old kitchen too - it was one of the things that made me fall in love with this house.
Empty storage space! TALK ABOUT LUXURY!!
I know - I just go and open it now and again and gloat!!
Our friend's house is like this.... very **empty**. My partner and I borrowed the place while my friend was traveling and our bathroom is under construction... we both marveled like, "WOW... he has a dishwasher, sure... be he also has a place to store a dish-drainer if he hand-washes his dishes! THIS IS AMAZING!!" Because seriously... that is *unthinkable* in our kitchen!

Sailor (my partner) said, 'That really is the height of luxury to have more space than you need!' and I tried to argue, 'Ya think? What about the luxury of having more stuff than you have places to put it?'

"Nope! Not luxury. Homeless people have more stuff than they have places to put it. Not luxurious AT ALL. You know how you hate carrying your purse and complain about girl pockets? More stuff than you have room to carry it! But this? More space than you need? LUXURY!!"

Can't argue, yo. CAN NOT ARGUE!!
I have to say I agree with Sailor - in our old home we tended to more stuff than space to put it - and having more space feels like luxury to me :)
We live in a house too small... it's been YEARS of building storage into the home to create space...

It feels so luxurious to have our things (and the things we need and some things we don't NEED but want..) but SUCH a pain in the *ss to have more stuff than space! I agree with Sailor, too!
Cupboards! I have never had enough! Wonderful!
This expanse of cupboards is a great joy to me - I gloat over them!
How awesome to have so many cupboards! You can spread out as much as you like.
I have found myself buying kitchen things I have always wanted but had no room for - it is such fun!
*is envious* I love my kitchen, but I don't have enough storage space.
We were quite proud of the layout we devised for the old kitchen, to fit in a washer/drier and a narrow dishwasher and as much storage space as was possible.

But the big kitchen and utility room might well have sold me this place even if the rest of it had been nowhere near as good.
Oh, can I put some of my junk in your spare cupboard!!

Great to see a corner of you
Your junk would be welcome!

The utility room is about the size of our old kitchen - I love it.
Yes! I now have so much storage space in the kitchen/utility that I have an empty cupboard!
What a lovely luxury to have! :o)
It really is :)