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Smile please

September 2019



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fruit bowl patty's house

heartofoshun in photo_scavenger

Yay! Cupboards!

Our cupboards were small, too few, and one was missing a door when we moved into this apartment. We had to buy the pie rack (left)  to give us a little more counter and shelving space. Then we had to buy all new doors for the upper cabinets (right)  because we couldn't find one to match old ones and then decided to be adventurous and paint them black. I love our our tiny kitchen now. It'll pass. So much better than it was.

Still not neat in there, but slightly less hideous.


That rack was a marvelous idea.

And that plant looks like it wants to investigate the cupboards as well!
That plant is mildly terrifying. It's growing like a weed.
I wanna know where the teeny door under the window goes!!
That door was originally an icebox. Closed up now.

. . . the odd little box set into my kitchen wall. The contraption is now sealed off, but it was likely once used as a non-mechanical icebox. These were common household appliances until the 1930s, and employed blocks of ice and insulating materials to keep food cool.

I love the looks of it.
Its a very cute detail! I have convinced my partner to make hatches/doors to make all the plumbing/electrical hubs accessible yet charmingly 'hidden'. Like little gnome doors over the house! I love it!
Oh! I love that idea! I will remember that the next time I live in a place with a big ugly fuse box marring the ambiance.
The black is very dramatic. Nice.
Thanks! We like it. It covers a multitude of sins. The structure of the cabinetry except for the new upper doors is very old.
I think whatever you do with a kitchen it still never quite looks neat ... especially if you actually use it, and it's not just a show-home

Lovely to see a corner of home
I love looking into people's houses!
It really looks lovely! And can there ever be enough counter and cabinet space in a kitchen that's really being used? ;o)
When we planned our house we knew we wouldn't need that extra room on the ground floor but opted for an completely open plan downstairs. As a result, I have a huge kitchen space which one day will become a kitchen with tons of storage (when I get around to really do it; so far it's just the cabinets of our old one with some odd temporary solutions in between). I've always thought I'd never fill the cabinet space that'd fit in the available space. Now, about ten years later, I honestly doubt I'll end up with an empty one once... *lol*