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Smile please

September 2019



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Elwendell  Thanks Nixnivis

elwenlj in photo_scavenger

Prompt- Cupboard

Everyone has been posting pretty kitchen cupboards so I thought I'd buck the trend. Because that's what I do. ;) Here's a cupboard from my craft room. I don't think I could shoehorn anything else in there if I tried.



It does look organized, in an abundantly bounteous sort of way. :)
Agreed! Looks lavish to me! What great storage space.
"abundantly bounteous" I love that phrase. I think my entire craftroom could be described thus.
As a crafter myself.... every time I look in my cluttered craft area I see price-tags ALL AROUND me of all the "good deals" I had gotten for my hoarde of materials/bits/bobs/tools/whatnots that are now all stacked around me like I'm the King of Thebes and its just WAITING to be used....

*sad face*
Lol. Well this Tutankamun thinks she needs to have a clear out.
You know what works really well to clear up a craft closet?

Bring out the stuff you're willing to get rid of... invite friends over with THEIR supplies they are willing to get rid of and have a CRAFTING day with all the combined materials of all your delayed/rejected projects! Its really fun to do in Early October... because suddenly as a group you find stuff to make decorations/gifts for all upcoming holiday season. Works EVERY TIME!
I would say that that is admirably well stacked
Well, I spot a good 6 inches of space in the second shelf down on the right.... lol.

My whole room looks like that. I'm trying to clear it desperately, but I have so much stuff - and I want it all!!!
I am depressed - my cupboard never gets that full ... I need more supplies!!

Great photo
Looks definitely more organised than any of my craft spaces... ^^ Good choice!