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Smile please

September 2019



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James - totally fascinated

debris4spike in photo_scavenger


One of my hobbies, other than photography, is visiting old houses, castles, museums etc.  I get envious of some of the furniture ... for example, I am sure Knightshayes Court (in Devon) would not miss this cupboard if I took it home, would they?

 photo DSC_0255_zpsljecqugj.jpg


That is absolutely fabulous! I would have had a hard time walking away from that one also!
I think it was a good thing that my ceiling would be too low to have it in my house ;)
My gosh, look at that! What an incredible piece of furniture.
Yes, it is truly amazing, isn't it?
Wow, that is wonderfully over the top.
... but great fun!
How beautiful that is! I fear my floor wouldn't even be able to support it.
I think it was a good thing that my ceiling would be too low to have it in my house ;)
Same here. Plus I don't think heavy furniture like that would hold up to our cats. :P
Oh I think Jiffy would like to have somewhere posh to store his treats where they were near him ... he has to go all the way into the kitchen, poor boy!
Sadly, mine have no respect the 'no scratching' signs we have posted around the house.
What a spectacular piece of furniture - I love it!
Yes, it is truly amazing, isn't it?
OMG, you could live in that one! It also looks like it's been made to the specifications of a vase collection - but maybe the vases have been made to fit instead. *g*
Sadly, I don't remember seeing it although I've visited this manor. Now I want to go there again even more!
I Have been a couple of times, and like other places I have re-visited, there is always something different to spot