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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


This tiny door belongs to the wee folk who live in my garden. As it was a nice day some of them are outdoors...


Oh, very nice! They remind of the famous/infamous Cottingley Fairies photos!
Close relatives no doubt!!
Ooooh, I want to make a tiny garden area like that. How inspiring.
It makes me smile whenever I look at them. The fairies were ones D-d collected when she was much younger, and they have been in a box for ages. I asked her if she would mind if they moved outdoors and she was fine with it. And then I bought the wee door locally.
I love them.
They just make me smile whenever I see them out of the window :)
They sure are tiny. I would be afraid that something would carry them off.
The only wildlife we get in the garden are bees, butterflies and birds - and the occasional cat. None of them seem all that likely to abduct the fairies - at least we hope not!
Oh, that's good. Even in the city, we have raccoons, opossums and skunks - things have been known to walk...
That's so lovely. I've seen the forest, wherever it is, with lots of these doors, but the idea of just a little one is very pleasing.
Thank you. It just fitted so nicely against that tree trunk, which is part of the outer hedge, and we already had the fairies - I just found a nice bit of spare slate for them and it all worked together really well.
They are lovely ... I hope they are all safely tucked away indoors with the bad weather this weekend
They seem to be OK - I guess they spent last night inside!
And very cute they are, too.
They make me smile :)