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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger

I Spy with my little eye something beginning with H and something beginning with P

I got so far behind here that I stopped keeping a note of the prompts I had missed. So I am going to forget about them and start again.

I spy H
When I was in Canterbury earlier this year I saw this horse in the Cathedral Close. It is a memorial to all the horses that went through Kent on the way to the First World War.

I spy P
Over the last year or so I have found a number of painted pebbles, usually placed where they would only be seen by chance. The first one was under a bicycle rack in Wallsend. It is a bit dark, but the words say "Rock around the clock". The second was at Kenilworth castle in Warwickshire. But my favourite is the third, which was sitting in a flower bed at the Metro Station. The first two had words on the underside asking people to post a picture on facebook (but I don't 'do' facebook). The final one also had words on the underside, but they just read, "Tyneside Rocks". I took the pictures and then put then back where I had found them.


What an amazing statue of the horse ... and the reason behind it is so poinant, isn't it.

Thanks for sharing (them both)
I saw the side view of the horse first and it looked stately, but when I went around to the front I thought it looked quite fierce.

You're welcome.
Oh, the hedgehog is so cute!

I love the horse statue.
Isn't it. It's such fun when I see a painted pebble.

It is impressive.
Those rocks are charming! It's wonderful that you've spotted so many.
I have seen others when I didn't have my camera with me, too. I think it's lovely that people just put them down for others to find.
The horse is beautiful.

I do love the way that the painted pebbles have become an all-over thing. People will often just note on the relevant FB page where they found them and whether they have re-hidden them. I like the "Tyneside Rocks" name.
The horse was a nice surprise, although once I went around to the front I thought it looked quite fierce.

The hedgehog is my favourite for both the fact that it is a hedgehog and for the words on its underside.