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Smile please

September 2019



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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in photo_scavenger


365 week 47 Wednesday

This shows our island life-line, the Ben-my-Chree, departing from her home port of Douglas on a stormy morning. I took it from the road outside my office.


Those buildings are beautiful!
It is great how different things look beautiful, or just unusual, to people from different parts of the world. To us they are much like all the rest of the Victorian era buildings in town! But then I look at them again and realise that you are right - they really are rather nice buildings.
There's pretty much nothing like that in America. :)
I agree! They are fantastic!
If you are interested, you can see in this post of mine from before Christmas why they look fairly ordinary to me - scroll down to the bottom and there are a couple of pictures taken of our street - where the houses are very, very standard early twentieth century terraces.
If you are interested, scroll down on this post of mine from before Christmas and you can see the street where I live - which also seems very ordinary to me.
Lovely! Definitely nothing like that here!
Maybe a suggested theme should be 'the front of your house'. I'd love to see where people live!
What a good idea!
The photo has such feeling - and atmosphere!
Thank you. To be honest my main feeling when I took it, and when I look at it, is that I am glad I was on the land and not on the boat!
I totally agree with this comment.

I also like that we have two boat pictures from opposite parts of the world.
Thank you - I rather liked being able to put a different, yet similar, boat pic, too!
This is such an exotic photo to me.
The wonders of LJ! The picture shows such a typical winter morning to me - but I think your sunflower fields are gloriously exotic.
Joined on your rec!

And what a great shot. I love the shadows.
Yay! Welcome! I was glad, that day, that I wasn't one of the people departing!
Lovely photo.

I love the way the sky and the sea blend together, and the framing by the lovely houses in the foreground.

The architecture of houses reminds me of some of our oldest buildings in Brisbane, but they are probably quite 'new' by your standards. LOL
That blending of sea and sky is very typical of the damp dark stormy days we get in winter.

The houses on the road my office is on are all somewhere over 100 years old, and were built in part as houses for the 'quality' families and their servants, and in part as guest-houses as we had a big tourist industry at that time.