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Smile please

September 2019



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thismaz in photo_scavenger

I Spy C

I have wanted an excuse to post this photo for ages.
Of course, that means it has just taken me over half an hour to find it *g*

In case you can't read it, the sign on the building says R. ORMEROD Watch & Clock Repairs.

Check out the time on the clock. I took this picture at 7.30am *g*

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Brilliant .. still, as they say, it is correct twice a day, just your fault for being there at the wrong time!!
You are very right. I was looking at this from totally the wrong perspective *g*
And if you look on Google maps, you can see the process of the construction site behind. :)
You googled him? *g* Yeah, I think it's student accommodation.
I wasn't really googling him as such, I was curious whether the construction site was a McAlpine one, since I work for them and we did at lot of work at Eldon Square (it isn't, it's Wates).
Ah, right. The photo was taken in 2016, I think, so the building is finished and open now.
*grins* Maybe that "repaired" clock is right, and every other clock is WRONG.
A good point that I did not consider *grins back*
I think he needs to repair his own clock first! A broken clock is not saying much for his business.
Hah! Oh, too perfect. I can see why you've wanted to use it for a challenge.
Isn't it. I was so pleased when I realised I could, finally.
That's hilarious.
*g* Isn't it. *g* I must check next time I pass, to see if it has been fixed.
I love it!
*g* I know. I think it's classic.