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Smile please

September 2019



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heartofoshun in photo_scavenger

C is for Calendar

Calendar -- my Mexican mirror and Aztec calendar.


Fascinating. And really attractive - both the mirror and the calendar.
Hooray, love that choice! My gosh, can you imagine the excitement of the person(s) who were originally able to interpret that calendar?
The level of understanding of the interrelationship of mathematics and astronomy and the influence of the Mayans' knowledge of math upon the religion and science of the Aztec empire is fascinating and study of it continues. A lot of knowledge was lost in the first few years after the conquest and has been painstakingly rediscovered and studied since then. My Aztec calendar hanging in my bedroom looks big (about 18 inches across). But it is tiny compared to the one which sits it the entrance to the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City (Museo Nacional de Antropología)--3.6 meters (11.8 feet) in diameter, about 1.2 m (3.9 ft) thick and weighing more than 21,000 kilograms (58,000 pounds or 24 tons).

Equally fascinating to me is the degree of interest of the average person in Mexico in these artifacts and their history. This museum, the most visited in the country, is packed with school kids with their notebooks scribbling away seemingly enthralled (especially on Sunday when admission is free). But every city in Mexico has its museum focusing on the Pre-Columbian civilizations in their local areas, which are many, diverse, and complex.

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Those fortunate children, to share such a deep and continuing connection to their culture. If you haven't seen those precious artifacts in person, I'm sure you would like to!
When I lived in Mexico, I had a lot of visitors--family and friends from all over--and the one thing I insisted they had to see was the National Anthropological Museum in Chapultepec Park; second on my list was the site of the ruins of the Templo Mayor (Greater Temple) in the center of the Aztec (Mexica) people's capital city of Tenochtitlan, which is now the center of Mexico City. The Pyramids in the Valley of Mexico (the outskirts) would have been third! And they came there thinking they wanted to drink Margaritas and see a Mariachi band! (Never had any complaints though!) For anyone who loves archaeology or anthropology, Mexico is a bonanza!

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How wonderful. I'm happy for you.
I love the tile work on your mirror!

Thanks. I love that mirror also!


I have a friend in Seville Spain and I so want to visit her. One reason, of course, is to see her, but another is for the tile work there! :D


Seville is amazing. I love Seville. There are the famous ceramic tiles depicting each of Spain's provinces in the Plaza de Espana, but the traditional ones are everywhere--restaurants, hotels, public spaces, and private homes. Even some of the street signs in the older neighborhoods are made of the classic tiles. But that is true throughout Andalucia. I hope you get to go soon. Warning it is HOT there in the summer but worth it even then. I am sure the ceramic tiles on my Mexican mirror are definitely derivative of Spanish tiles--different but similar. Certainly not pre-Hispanic!

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That's what she warns me. We are located geographically about the same and when we're roasting, so are they. I'm hoping maybe fall of next year, but we will have to see. We are both retiring and that's sort of playing with our minds at the moment.


Fall would better I expect! Actually, someone who just got back to the UK from the south of Spain told me it was hotter in the UK at the moment.


Much better. We've had a week of 100+ temperatures here and I'm in not hurry to find more hot weather.
Those are stunning ... Central America is on my list of must-see places ... and that certainly confirms it.

What stunning workmanship
Thanks! I highly recommend it.