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Join me for a boring, boring day in the life... 22 shots in all

Edited to add, I mis-posted this, but because I got such nice comments I'm going to leave it up. I am, however, sorry for my fubar!

The official start to my day and yes, that clock is right.  Its 3:23 a.m.

First task is to start the coffee and feed the cats.  The five plates are for the inside cats the four platters are for the outside mob (plus one more with dry food in it.

This is my screen saver.  For the next two hours, this is where I will be as I work on my various fics for the Halloween Challenges.

Jenny helps me pick out my wardrobe for the day.

Bete Noir, Pyewacket and Titan

Patchou on top and Jenny down below.  The cats always eat with me in the computer room

AT 5:15, I get my hubby up and get ready for breakfast.  His is on the right.  I get the tomato juice and fruit.  I'll have my breakfast later.

Two of the seven strays I feed.

I also take the oportunity to water the indoor flowersday21.jpg
Coming back from dropping The Big Guy off.  He doesn't like parking downtown.  it's a 14 minute round trip.

My desk at work.  I'm currently inputing all the cast/crew lists from every production we've done in our 69 years of being open.  I am working backwards and just started on 2000.  That stack represents three years of programs and clippings.

My breakfast.  Not as healthy, but it's my once a week treat.
11:30 now and I'm off to the bank.  It makes it convenient to work at the theatre as I also live here in the Venetian Bridges Apartments.
After a less than satisfying lunch and a boring afternoon, it's time to pick up TBG from work.  He works at the AT&T building behind the church.

Dinner is an Egyptian dish of shrimp, spinach and couscous

Now  for a bit of TV watching.  We are huge Studio Ghibli Fans, if you haven't guessed from the screen savers.  Tonight TBG picked this.
And Bete Noir joined us.
And now it's time to read a bit (we have a group reading here on LJ and are reading Harry Potter's and the Sorcerer's Stone).  And did I lie about it being boring?
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