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Smile please

September 2019



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ysilme in photo_scavenger

Catching up: square things, kitchen, things with buttons

Catching up once again with travel pics:

Square things:

This is a board in a museum for nature and science in Tromsø/Norway, mainly directed at kids, made out of large, grey, square, lego base plates, where kids can puzzle anything they like out of square lego tiles. I love that some kid there also created the Sámi as well as the pride flag!

From the Sámi museum in Inari/Finland, have things you find in a kitchen - or rather traditionally the cooking area in a Sàmi tent:

Carved spoons made from reindeer antlers, which are still made and used today, sometimes even for cooking.

I had difficulties finding a good image for things with buttons, so I settled for a recent travel pic:

A smith taking a break in a medieaval museum/documentary centre/living history place in Nykøbing/Denmark. I took the pic to have a visual example for what a 13th-century-person would do with their woolen hose on hot summer days, an drealised that he had lots of lovely buttons on his coat. ^^ (Image is cropped to get a better look on the buttons).


Those are great! Utensils *should* be interesting and personalized.
Thank you! I totally agree as well. If possible, I'm doing this for whatever I use, or at least try to choose an item that I like best if just visually (colour, for example).
I love the Lego board - and the medieval garment is an example of very smart sewing - but my favourite are the Sámi spoons, they are beautiful.
Thanks! I can't get enough of all these wonderful Sámi crafts and items, and am glad I took all these countless pics in the museums we visited. ;o)
I LOVE that blacksmith's outfit! *dreamy eyes*
What fun. I'd never want to leave!
Neither would I!
I love lego - always have

Those traditional spoons are truly special, aren't they.

Yes, I love how he has rolled down his hose, but certainly an amazing outfit
Both my husband and I are big Lego fans - not enough to join any of the clubs or groups existing these days, and no longer collecting; but our joined heap of stones is carefully-guarded. The visiting brood might play with it, but only if they're careful enough with the older stuff. *g*
Those spoons are beautiful.
And I love the Smith's tunic.
Thank you!
I just saved this picture AGAIN to make sure I can find it. I love that outfit!! YUM!!