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The reality of life on the small island.

We almost always refer to leaving the island as 'going away'; "Have you been away recently?" "Are you going away at all this summer?" "Of course her daughter lives away.." And so on!

These are what it is like if you want to go away with your car -

Driving onto the boat.

365 week 34 Friday

Inside the car deck - this is only half of the lower car deck - the central block on the right contains stairs, lift, and engineering stuff, and there is the same amount of space on the other side of it - and also an upper car deck. As you can just about make out there are three rows of cars on this side. Altogether the Ben-my-Chree can take 275 vehicles.

365 week 18 Saturday

And finally - this was a day when I was really glad I wasn't going away!

365 week 47 Wednesday
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