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I took this pic at Stavanger, Norway, mainly for the purpose of making a DW/LJ icon. But it fits this prompt quite well, I think. ^^


On the same trip, at the Hardanger fjord, we visited the hamlet Agatunet which has been converted into an open air museum and kept in the state of 1940 when it was last lived in. The oldest house is from ca. 1250, and the museum is special as for once, none of the houses have been transported here, but are all still in situ.


Much, much further south, at Lake Constance at the southern border of Germany, to be exact, this reconstructed stilt house can be visited in the open air museum of Unteruhldingen. I love how the gable carvings don't show dragons or something of the kind, as we've seen in Norway, but ducks.


We recently bought a small, used caravan, which has lots of cupoards for storage despite the small size.


Detail of the stamen, taken at the Botanical Gardens in Berlin while learning to use my new macro lens. I love photographing these tiny worlds you get to see when you're getting really close to plants and insects! (Click on the image for a larger version and more details.)
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