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Smile please

September 2019



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alwaysjbj in photo_scavenger


Well, we've certainly had a lot of water lately here in South East Queensland. This was the view from my front door last Tuesday.

This is my first time posting, I hope I did everything right.


I hope you haven't suffered from the flooding.
We live about 45 minutes north of Brisbane, so we aren't affected by the water coming down the Brisbane river... we had a ridiculous amount of rain on the Tuesday but once the rain stopped the water went down pretty quickly. We were cut off for a day as the road into our area flooded, but we're on a nice hill, so were fine. Unlike so many others... it is heartbreaking to see!
Oh my goodness - that is actually a really nice photo - but my first reaction was certainly "Meep! What a downpour!"
LOL I thought it was an impressive downpour, until it started raining considerably harder about 20 or so minutes later. But I was happy with how the photo turned out.
I also tried taking one of the foot deep torrent of water pouring down the driveway, but it didn't work out... just looks like a wet driveway, you can't actually see how deep or fast the water is.
I left you a comment on the other picture - but I see now how wet you all are! It's like a waterfall on your stairs. Glad to hear you are high and dry.
Yes, fortunately hubby put some really good drainage in so that the water coming down those stairs is channeled around the house...we got a bit of water on the verandah, but it didn't get deep enough to threaten the house.
Wow! I know you said you weren't in any danger of flooding, but that's a scary amount of water!
It was a little worrying for a while there, but hubby's drainage held up nicely.