Ysilme (ysilme) wrote in photo_scavenger,

Catching up: someting beginning with....

Something beginning with B:

A boat on the beach in winter (Langeland island, Denmark)

Something beginning with C:

I couldn't resist to use a cat pic for this one. ;o) Cat Snorri, one of the first pics with my new macro lens, and a really lucky shot insofar as it's difficult to get my furries to look at me without moving (mostly for coming close for a cuddle). It's one of my favourite pics ever, too.

Something beginning with P:

Pebbles under water

Something beginning with H:

Unraveled end of a hemp cord, shot for learning purposes with my new macro lens in an open-air museum.
Tags: ispyb, ispyc, ispyh, ispyp, ysilme
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