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Catching up: hidden, behind, under, above, away


I wonder what's hidden behind that entrance to some mysterious and likely magic world! ^^


A rainbow behind our ancient apple tree. The branches in front annoyed me a bit while taking this pic, but now they make for a good choice for this prompt! *g*


You can reach the North Cape, which is on Magerøya island, by boat or by the road. For the latter, you need to pass under the sea through the Nordkapptunnelen, nearly 7km long, 212m below sea at the deepest point, and often closed because of fog in the tunnel. Right, FOG IN THE TUNNEL. We've passed some crazy tunnels on our travels through Norway, longer, deepr, and steeper ones, but that one was the first one with fog. What is most convenient for drivers like us is much less so for the brave,  courageous travellers who come there cycling or hiking, as they have to take the same road, and have to endure the trip on a narrow side-walk to the lane, in the clammy, humid climate and with the unavoidable loud traffic noise. We've met a hiker in our hostel there who'd passed it, and said despite all his intents to walk all the way there and back, he'll take the bus until the first stop after the tunnel to not to have to do this again.
(Sorry for the blurry pic, I took this on my phone from the car)


We live on top of the highest hill of the area, with a beautiful medieval castle ruin as neighbour. Down in the valley is a glider airfield, which is regularly used for balloon trips as the thermal lift in the area is great. So seeing balloons over our head is a pretty normal occurence for us on good weather days.


Up up and away, as fast as the wind carries her... Taken on a holiday in Denmark when we did an evening cruise on a historic sailing cargo ship. I've never had the opportunity to go properly sailing, so it was a lovely and unique experience to do it on a historic boat, which had quite different sounds due to the differnet materials for the masts, sails, and rigging.
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