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Smile please

September 2019



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slaymesoftly in photo_scavenger

My first attempt to post here. I'm trying to catch up with the prompts, so here are "water" and "depart"

This is my road, collapsing into the stream that comes up and eats parts of the road in heavy rains:


And here, a ship departing from the port of Vancouver:



Do you live in Vancouver? Very familiar place to me!
I wish! LOL No, we took a cruise to Alaska and that was the view from the window of the hotel we stayed in for a couple of days before and after boarding the ship. We both loved the city and the area and agreed we could be quite happy living there. (Assuming of course, that we were Canadian and rich. lol)
You're right about the rich part! :)
LOL That's what I understand from people who live there. Plus, as US citizens, it would cost us $400,000 just to be allowed to move to Canada.,
Wow. Very similar to moving to Australia. I guess they just want to be sure non-natives stay off the social services.
Oh my goodness you are suffering from the rain, too, at the moment by the look of it.

I do love those heavy,leaden skies with matching sea - and the white ship is such a contrast.
Well, the road collapse is ongoing. Those pipes were installed after Hurricane Agnes came through the area in 1972, and they've completely rusted out on the top. So, as they collapse, so does the rock and gravel installed over them. And of course, anytime the water actually comes up over the road/bridge, it washes away more dirt and gravel, leaving large holes through which we can see the rusted-through pipes and the water flowing through them. So far, all the highway dept wants to do is come back after every washout and throw more rocks and gravel in the holes.
It looks as though your road photo will qualify as "depart" some day!
A likely prospect, alas! I just hope we have at least one vehicle on the other side of it if/when that happens. :)
Wow, that 'water' picture is amazing. Water's so inexorable; it just keeps on going.
As we're prone to say whenever someone thinks they're going to control it - WAW (water always wins) :)
Ah... I finally get to see your disappearing road/bridge...it really wouldn't take too much to fix it... but if your Council (or inequivalent) is like most they won't do any preventative work, far better to wait for it to break completely before fixing it.

I love the pic of the ship--so stunningly white against the stormy background.
*nods* I'm quite pleased with the ship picture - especially since you-know-who considers himself the photographer in the family. He's always surprised when something I've taken turns out nice.

Actually to fix it would require tearing it up, replacing the big collapsing pipes (perhaps with bigger ones?), repairing the collapsing walls on either side, and then putting all the rocks, riprap, gravel and dirt back on top and hoping there will be no heavy rains until it has all had time to settle. It might be possible to do it in one day, which they would have to let us know about ahead of time so we could all get out first, but if they didn't get it finished....

I'm hoping that one of the snow plows, gravel trucks, or whatever will collapse one side and fall in the bed. That might get their attention. :)

Edited at 2011-01-16 11:13 pm (UTC)
Well, here, they would dig it up and replace the old pipes with a big prefab concrete culvert and then either just lay the road over the top, or depending on the size/shape of the culvert it would basically BE the road.... if they brought in the right machinery it should easily be able to be done in a day.
It should be a one-day job, definitely. I just don't trust that it would be. lol
Great pictures and start to the community!
Thank you. :)