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Apologies - and Holiday (Dark Green), Celebrate (White), Darkness (Red). And all of them are LATE!

Apologies - December sems to have got away from me.

Dark Green - the bouquet my sister gave me for my birthday which is in the middle of the Holiday week.

Celebrate, White; Some of my knitted angels celebrating Christmas in our church -


Darkness, Red; lights and baubles in a large glass container -

Baubles and lights

And a proper picture for Late - although perhaps not quite what you might expect!

As it has been both the first anniversary of my mother's death and her birthday in the past few weeks, I have spent some time in the churchyard where she is buried, along with many other late members of my extended family. I took this picture there some years ago on Christmas Eve, and it is one of my favourites.

Bride Churchyard Christmas Eve 2010
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