Deborah (debris4spike) wrote in photo_scavenger,

Darkness (Red) and Holiday (Dark Green)

Wpw, a couple of harder challenges, but  got there (one advantage of not being well meant I had time to scroll though photos)

Darkness (Red)
This DARK room is in Warwick Castle, and is called The Queen Anne Bedroom as the RED bed is where Queen Anne died in Kensington Palace
 photo Queen Anne Bedroom ndash Queen Anne died in this bed in Kensington Palace 1_zps4ui5hevx.jpg

Holiday (Dark Green)
When I was in Portsmouth on HOLIDAY this summer I went to the D-Day museum, and saw the D-Day tapestry .... the story of D-Day in applique .... lots of DARK GREEN uniforms
 photo D-Day tapestry 28_zpsjimafiwo.jpg

So I think I was stretching the themes - but I think they work OK!!
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