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I come with 2 different offerings.

This morning as I popped to the shops for some milk I walked past a display containing some pickles ... I had never heard of these, so took a photo -
 photo IMG_20200208_110631_zpsp434skzr.jpg

Turns out they are the French version on the gherkin, and are slightly more sour

The other picture is one I took a couple of days ago and hadn't got round to posting.  One of the many things I inherited was my mum's huge supply of cookery books ... she never lost her love of finding a new recipe.  However one of them was actually her mum's.  I can't find a date in it, but she married in 1920, and it has her maiden name in it.  So here is a recipe for PICKLED SALMON (the 2nd version that you see took 2 full columns on the next page, so I wonder if anyone ever made it.

 photo DSC_0327_zpscdhzpm7o.jpg
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