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Catching up: bed, housework, dessert

My first thought of "bed" was a vegetable bed, so I went looking for some pics taken at a medieval open air museum in Nykøbing, Denmark, where they had a lovely display:
Vegetable beds in a medieval open air museum
I love this type! We have some similar ones of regular planks, without the short poles; I might make the n ext ones just like these. Very practical, too, for lawn mowing around and to keep slugs away.

Among the pics I also found one of a real bed, so have another one for this prompt:
Bed in a medieval open air museum cottage
This was the bedchamber in the small cottage of a dyer. Not only a display, too; living history people are using these for real during their stays in the museum, which is essentially a village with some additional features like a tournament arena, a small pond with fishing craft, an area for cannon demonstration, and "discovery and activity areas" for kids with quaint mechanic machines and some info, among other things.

For housework, I'm choosing another image from that visit, this time from the main room of the mayor's house:
Main room of a middle age citizen house
To the right there's a bed, another one in the corner in the far left, with a big fireside on the left towards the foreground besides a second door which leads to the office used for official and administrative functions. The room was obviously the main living and sleeping room and shows all kind of utensils for doing housework, too.

And for dessert a quick snapshot of a window display in Malmö, Sweden, where we spent the first night of our big Northland trip three years ago:
Fancy dessert cakes in a shop window

They look literally too good to eat for me, but I absolutely admire the craftmanship of such a cake.
TBH, though, choosing a cake for "dessert" is rather strange, as baked goods usually aren't meant for dessert, as in the last course of a meal, in German cuisine, but for the "coffee" meal that used to be a strong tradition on Sundays and for special holidays, and, in posh households, even everyday; at  about 4 p.m. you sit down with coffee or tea and have a piece of cake, torte, or other baked goods. Typical desserts would be ice cream, sweet puddings, fruit compotes or fresh fruit, and dishes like crème brulée or things like trifles, jellies, creams and such. If you have something sweet and possibly baked for the main meal, it usually IS the main meal - bread puddings are something similar to a classical German dish, Kaiserschmarren, Buchteln (oven-baked yeast dumplings) etc, or sweet yeast sheet cakes eaten together with potato soup which is a potato-based, passed vegetable soup.
Now I'm hungry. LOL

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