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I realised that this was going to be a difficult subject... because the choice is so big!

We have bookshelves, and books on shelves, in so many different places in our house, so I decided to focus on one type of book, and one specific book.

These are most of the books that live in the utility room, off the kitchen.


And tucked in there, just beside the yellow book in the middle is this one -


You can tell by the style, and the wear and tear, that it is from sometime in the 1960s. It is my mother's personal recipe book. It is an interesting indicator of how different members of the same family have different priorities; my sister almost threw it out when we were clearing Mum's house, whereas I grabbed it as an item of great value!

There is a mixture of recipes written in, and odd ones cut out of magazines and tucked between the pages. Some are recipes I recognise, and some are ones I cannot recall her making and so were probably added after I left home in the 1970s. The pages often show signs of use - the odd spot of cake mixture or whatever probably landed on a good few of them if my own personal recipe book is anything to go by. For me one of the pleasures is reading my mother's, rather beautiful, handwriting -

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