Oshun (heartofoshun) wrote in photo_scavenger,

I don't have any seaside pictures although I am never far from the ocean here.

Here is one thing I associate with the seaside. The closest subway station where I can catch a train to Brighton Beach or Coney Island--about 20 minutes on the train and then a short walk! Yay! Maybe soon. I am overdue for trip to the ocean and spring is coming.

It's the R train in this case, but the F train will do just as well.

Sorry I keep editing this one. I have another photo showing how to get to the ocean, going in the other direction. (Water, water everywhere--but it is hard to get good oceanview pics.)

Oh, and my icon above applies also--the Brooklyn Bridge over the East River. The East River, in fact, is not a real river but part of the ocean--a tidal estuary that opens onto the ocean--look one way and one is looking out to sea, look the other direction it looks like a river--hence the name.
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