Mairesue (mairesue) wrote in photo_scavenger,

Welcome to photo_scavenger

There are a lot of new members thanks to curiouswombat!


Here are our rules:

* Our goal is one photo per post; if you simply must post more than one, please be kind and cut.

* Posts should be tagged with that week's theme and with photographer's username, though other tags may be added as well.

* Only your own photography, please.

* We want this site to be clean and friendly. Questionable photos will be deleted at moderator's discretion.

* Please contribute to our welcoming, positive atmosphere by keeping language clean and polite.

I will usually post the new THEME on Sundays and sometimes if I am on holidays I might post two weeks of THEMEs in a row.

If you have any THEME suggestions please let me know either in the comments or messaging me at

Have FUN and Happy Photographing!
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