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Well I have always loved a wide variety of books, and have loads.  Then wehn Mum & Dad died I inherited a load more.  However there are a few that are very special

I have loads of Mum's books, her cookery books, her fiction etc, however I have a couple of books that are special.  She loved writing poetry, and every Christmas their card had a poem in it, and for special events she wrote a poem.

This is the first page of a long poem she did for my 40th - they never got to do the parents-of-the-bride thingy, but I had a big party for my 40th, and she wrote a very long poem -
 photo 27th February 2_zpst5irbolo.jpg

Sadly I lost my horse as a 10 year old ... he was a very special boy, and to a certain degree I still miss him ... she wrote me this poem
 photo 27th February 3_zpsettaceru.jpg

I also have a lot of Dad's stuff.  A few years ago I posted about the book he wrote while in his late 80's and suffering with dementia.  That's a special one with his dedication in the front, however thought I would post this of his degree books.  I won't ever read them, but at least I have them.
 photo 27th February 4_zpszwaqtxca.jpg

Both my parents left school at 14, yet they were incredible people
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